About the project

The Blue Planet team commissioned a brand identity concept that would embody the values of company on the frontier of Technology. Knowing that acquiring and processing this magnitude of data for diverse usage is an endeavor usually handled by space agencies such as CNES (French Space Agency). Therefore it was fundamental for Blue Planet to be represented in this extent, conveying a visual language and a brand voice that could properly speak for this titanic effort. 


Blue Planet
[Toulouse, Fr]


Brand Identity
Web Design
Video Concepting

V-Globe Program

In order for Blue Planet to acquire and process the whole planets surface The V-Globe (Virtual GLOBE) program is being developed, a 360 million dollar enterprise that counts with the participation of 6 countries.The V-Globe Project is a constellation of 12 satellites that simultaneously and constantly registers the whole earths surface, providing weekly refreshed data for every market. This is set to be the biggest earth observation system that exists, to this date.
The V-Globe Program has been conceived as the eyes in the sky for Blue Planet, the actual mission that would put in orbit these 12 satellites. Therefore requiring an identity that would live within the main Brand’s ecosystem and provide a face for this great space initiative.